It’s All About The Giving

It’s All About The Giving


Women are impeccably driven individuals, and know how to grasp the relevance of indulging in a little luxury either for themselves or their favourite person. Healthy Lifestyle Essentials was born from a woman’s realisation that it’s the indulgent personal touch in gift giving which makes a difference, and turns something ordinary into a luxurious extraordinary.

The struggle is evident at times when charged with finding a suitable gift for that one person who appears to have ‘everything’ their heart desires, and it requires more time to find the right item. There’s a lot of psychology behind gift giving, and in fact some people get a real emotional lift when searching for the perfect present. The true art behind Healthy Lifestyle Essentials is providing a meaningful and lasting gift that isn’t simply tossed to the side, but remembered for days, weeks, and months to come – and essentially used for its purpose.

To provide an indulgent experience to someone who truly deserves it.

Searching for high-quality products, especially for those who enjoy natural health and lifestyle options, can at times be laborious, but Healthy Lifestyle Essentials is the one place where all those items are collated onto one site. Each one hand-selected, each one a reputable brand, and each one tried and tested to its full enjoyment, there is absolutely something for everyone.

Ensure seeing an enormous sense of satisfaction when seeing the expression on the face of someone you’ve given an HLE gift to; a way to express feelings, your thoughtful choice of gift will reinforce appreciation and acknowledge of that special someone. So, what can you kind find here on HLE?

Mum & Bub

Finding the right gift for a new mother can be an intricate process, as you question what she has and what she doesn’t have, what she needs and what she’ll just throw out. Do you get her something practical, or sentimental? A small gesture, or go all out?

Go beyond the flowers and grocery-store bought creams with a thoughtful, high-quality combination of gifts for both mother and baby. HLE have a collection of beautifully designed teether rattles that are bacteria resistant and odourless, free from BPA as well as other nasties, and can be used with coconut oil to condition. Mum will absolutely adore the thought behind these rattles, not having to worry or research which ones on the market are the best for her child – we’ve already done that!

Gifting a mother with delicately scented baby lotions and washes will allow her, and baby, to relax more as they settle in and get used to one another. Stay away from generic brands which are generally lathered with chemicals, and check out the Bondi range we stock.

Men & Women

We know there is a significant difference between men and women when it comes to gift giving, there’s no doubt about that, so pamper that special someone with an item that screams ‘luxury’ and show them they deserve to treat themselves. Even a small token of something extraordinary, like our brass combs or beard kits, will have the man in your life feeling like he’s earned your acknowledgement.

The ladies will get just as much joy out of spoiling themselves with high end washes and lotions, inspirationally worded pouches and organic teas, and will see how much you value them as an individual.

Healthy Lifestyle

Anyone who enjoys life with positive health and wellbeing is someone who will appreciate the gifting process. It acknowledges you have put thought and effort into what makes them happy, whether it be a new gorgeously designed yoga mat, a stylish glass water bottle or an leg roller, and there’s no way you can go wrong gifting an ‘Off To The Gym Kit’ to your gym junkie bestie.

These are just of the beautifully curated creations available through HLE, with a whole lot more including candles and diffusers for the fragrance savvy, swaddles for newborns, and flasks for the divine taster.

Human generosity, far from being a veneer of cultural conditioning, is a bedrock feature of human nature, so it makes perfect sense for us to be as generous as we can. In fact, we may even like giving gifts more than we like receiving them. HLE loves the artistic, creative side of gift giving, and it’s where our passion stems from. Providing high quality, reputable products that provide a touch of luxury and personable feeling to the people you adore.