As a mum, Pilates instructor and ex-advertising professional, I understand how hard it is to juggle it all. You’ve gotten home from work at 6pm, the baby is crying, your husband is asking about what’s for dinner, and somehow, you’re expected to find time for exercise, self-care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Yeah right!

This struggle is exactly the reason why I started HLE. It can sometimes seem insurmountable to be able to balance health and wellness with the natural chaos of life, but it is just that – a balancing act. It has taken me years to master it, and over time I have learnt that wellbeing is not just a single activity, such as a gym workout or a balanced meal – it is a choice. My goal for HLE is to help you become willing and able to make that choice for yourself.

Sharing your wisdom and passion with others puts out positive energy into the world which can help improve your own health and happiness. So, in the interest of positive vibes, I’d like to share with you my 5 inspirations for HLE:

1. Look good, feel better.

I want to help people discover and explore a new way of life; it isn’t just about being healthy, it’s about feeling and looking good. Embracing a healthy lifestyle can have such a significant impact on your self-confidence. It isn’t about having abs or being a size 6, but more about knowing you’ve done your best to be the best version of yourself and feeling confident and proud because of it!

2. Balance and Zen is key.

After experiencing, teaching and running Pilates and Yoga classes over the last ten years, I know I can help others find balance and keep Zen. The number one preventative to a healthy lifestyle for most people is stress – you don’t have time to cook healthy food or fit in a workout, you can’t switch off from the stresses of work, or you’re constantly worrying about your family or other things going on. I get it, and it’s hard, but that’s why I’m here. I hope HLE can help you make the changes towards a holistic healthy life and accept that you shouldn’t worry about things you cannot change.  

3. Everyone desires to live a life of high quality natural health and lifestyle products.

It can be really difficult to find natural products that are actually good quality and good for you. HLE has done the leg-work for you to curate a tried and tested catalogue of lifestyle products developed by boutique brands who care about their products. HLE places natural, ethical and quality products right at your fingertips.

4. Healthy gifting is the best gifting.

I’ve got a passion for creativity and an eye for design, allowing me to curate beautiful gift boxes (with a healthy twist!). Anyone who enjoys life with positive health and wellbeing will love a luxury box filled with high quality wellness essentials. Our ranges include everything from yoga mats and water bottles, to candles and tea, so there is something for everyone.

 5. Healthy lifestyle products can be stylish yet practical.

Healthy products sometimes get a bad rap with boring packaging and an assumption that they are products of necessity and never luxury. HLE is here to break that misconception with sleek, minimal and stylish products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, so you can feel good about your positive lifestyle purchase and show it off to all your friends!

HLE is something that I wish had existed 10 years ago when I was just starting out on my health and fitness journey, so I hope by sharing my learnings and passion with you, I can assist everyone on their journey to a holistic healthy lifestyle.