Your baby is the most important part of your life and as a mother, you want to protect them from all the nasties in the world. This includes the nasties that are often hidden in baby products – that’s why it’s so important to choose organic for your baby. 

So where do you start?

1. Swaddles

What you wrap your baby in is so important because the baby’s skin is directly exposed to that material. Toxins in non-organic products will quickly absorb into your baby’s skin because it is so thin. I’ve found the GOTS certified organic cotton muslin swaddles that are both eco-conscious and gentle on baby's skin to be the best option. Here at HLE, we love the organic muslin swaddles by Wee Gallery. They are made from natural fabric and are sustainably produced, so they’re good for your baby and the environment. Plus, they come in a range of beautiful patterns, so your baby is snug and stylish. A good swaddle can improve your baby’s sleep and sooth their skin, so this one is a must try!

2. Skincare Products 

It’s also essential to choose organic products when it comes to your baby’s skin. Baby’s skin is 20-30% thinner and more delicate than adult’s skin so it’s important to pick products that are safe and gentle. The best products are those which are made of natural extracts and essential oils because they are great for calming your baby and soothing their delicate skin. That’s why we love Bondi Wash. Bondi Wash is 100% natural and plant based, with a light scent of Blue Cypress and Petitgrain, proven to protect and sooth fragile skin. What touches your baby’s skin has a direct impact on their health, so you have to make sure the products you use contain no nasties.

3. Teethers

Just like what touches their skin, what touches your baby’s mouth also influences their overall wellbeing. All babies teethe – and we definitely know about it when they do! Teething plays a significant role in babies developing their motor skills and senses, so you want to make sure they’re chewing objects that are safe and support their development. A lot of teething toys on the market contain plastics with chemicals such as phthalates and BPA, which are bad for the environment and introduce unwanted toxins into your baby’s system. Organic Wooden Teethers are naturally the safest products available, and the highest quality. At HLE, we love the teething rattles by ONE.CHEW.THREE and Eiress Idabee.  They’re biodegradable, antibacterial and durable, with the added bonus of having the cutest designs you and your baby will love.

All of us mothers worry and want the best for our babies and it can be hard to know what’s right in a world of so many options. Choosing organic is the first step to nurturing a healthy life for your baby, so we think it’s the perfect place to start.