Indulgent: The Complete Style Guide For The Modern Man


Author: Jeff Lack 

Indulgent is a style guide for the modern man – for the man who wants to look his absolute best. Find out how to dress for every occasion, from a casual Saturday brunch with friends, to a formal dinner. Want to dress for sex appeal for your next date? Want to look 10 pounds lighter? How to dress for that important interview? This book will show you how. Think of indulgent as having your own personal stylist at your fingertips. Follow Jeff’s tips for a new you.

About the Author

Jeff Lack is a personal stylist and grooming expert, media commentator and keynote speaker, who has built a successful career styling both men and women.

Jeff kick started his career at just 17 in retail, and later setting up his own boutiques, designing surf wear and modeling. In 2005, motivated to help educate individuals to look their best, Jeff established his own personal stylist consultancy firm. What sets him apart is his ability to help his clients perfect their personal brand and teach them how to make smart clothing choices for the long term.

Jeff’s passion for fashion stems back to his childhood, growing up on the family farm where he would watch in wonder as his mother transformed herself each Sunday from farm girl to ‘fashionista’.

As a regular contributor for FHM Magazine, an ambassador for The Mens’ Shop, and regular fashion commentary contributor for various programs including international Fashion Week events, Jeff is the ideal voice for the evolution of mens’ styling.

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